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Who is this Yukon Jack, anyway?

         Yukon Jack is your host with the most of the DooWop Dance Party .  While just a babe during the gold days of Doo-Wop, Yukon was introduced to the sound by lifelong friend Jungle Jim Arslanian while working together on an oldies radio show in the suburbs of Springfield, Massachusetts.  Deejaying with the Jungle man, attending oldies shows and meeting some of the great names of Doo-Wop made a Doo-Wop lover out of Yukon.  









           Yukon's love for radio began when, for his 7th birthday, he received a G.E. clock radio.  This began nightly listening sessions where he fell asleep each night to the sounds of all the great radio stations like WTIC and WDRC in Hartford, CT and WHYN and WAQY in Springfield, MA.  And distant stations in New York, Philly and even St. Louis and Chicago!  Yukon discovered the great radio talents like Bob Steele, Brad Davis, Dickie Robinson and Phil D.  Its during this time, that Yukon realized that he wanted to be a radio DJ one day. 










            Yukon's radio DJ career started with the Connecticut School of Broadcasting where he learned the technique of being a radio personality.  After that, it was college at the University of Hartford and their FM station WWUH, 91.3 FM and later at the University of Massachusetts and their FM station WMUA, 91 FM.  Yukon also teamed up with Jungle Jim on the non-defunct WCEL(FM) and WILB(FM) in Wilbraham, Mass. and doing oldies shows in the greater Springfield area.









                After taking 10 years off to attend law school and go to work for the FCC in Washington, DC, Yukon returned to the internet "airwaves" with the trailblazing oldies station Destination DooWop.  Starting in 2000, his show the Destination DooWop Show and later DooWop Dance Party was the first live internet radio show playing the music we all love - group harmony, doowop and acappella.














                     Twenty years later, the DooWop Dance Party is alive and well and still playing the best harmony tunes.  Along with Trish the Dish, his producer, best friend and spiritual advisor, and Piper the Kitty Cat Queen, his engineer, Yukon can be heard weekly on many fine internet radio stations and web sites.  

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